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What is up with this signal?!?!?!


What is up with this signal?!?!?!

For the last week, my signal has been bouncing all over the board. I work in zip code 27906 and the signal has always been weak. This week I have watched my phone (sitting in the same place) go from nearly a full range of bars on Sprint and then 2 seconds later go to a full range of roaming bars. I live in zip code 29014 (again a weak signal). Sprint sent me an Airave to boost my signal. It works great (for a while). The 1st one crapped out. We are on our 2nd one and my phone (which is a piece of crap Galaxy S - model #SPH-D700) will not even pick up the Airave. I can be 2 feet away from it and have a full range of roaming bars. I have reset the Airave and still haven't been able to connect to it. Again I don't know if it is the piece of junk Airave or the piece of crap phone. I was wondering too if the signal is bouncing all over the place because something is up with the towers in my area. I've been a Sprint customer for over 10 years, but I am seriously considering changing carriers. I'm not sure I should remain loyal to a company that puts out such poorly designed products.

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