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Whats up with 4G


Re: Whats up with 4G

Here's a conversation that someone else posted where they were told in writing that wimax is no longer expanding.  The person in chat still tries to convince him that wimax is not a bad purchase choice, as usual...


Well here is the thing, i was thinking about getting a new 4G phone and I  realized they are no longer going to be supporintg WiMax and jump over  to LTE.   If if you bought a WiMax phone in hopes that it would improve  over time, forget it... it will not and they are rolling out 4G LTE in 6  months... Here is a chat I had with a Sprint Rep just now...I hope I  asked the right questions and I was not rude to her.  Here it says "you"  it is me asking the questions.  

| Megan: Thank you for visiting Sprint. What questions can I answer for you today? |

| You: will the Samsung Galaxy S? ll, Epic work on your future 4G LTE network ? |

| Megan: I would be glad to give you more information on phones. |

|  Megan: Let's move this chat and make it a window of its own. That way,  you'll still see this web page while we chat. Please click 'Yes' to move  it now. |

| Megan: Simply click on the white "Yes" button below and we can continue. |

| You: ok done |

| You: will the Samsung Galaxy S? ll, Epic work on your future 4G LTE network ? |

| Megan: Thank you for moving the chat. |

| Megan: Samsung Galaxy S ll, Epic will not works on LTE network, this phone is not compatible with LTE. |

| You: are has sprint stopped expanding Wimax? |

| You: and.. has sprint stopped expanding Wimax? |

| You: sorry for the typo |

| Megan: No problem! |

|  Megan: Sprint expects to support WiMAX customers throughout the life of  their device. WiMAX customers should continue to get their great 4G  speeds and customer experience they've been enjoying since Sprint  launched the country's first 4G network from a national carrier in 2008.  |

| Megan: Sprint will continue to sell WiMAX devices through 2012.  There are no current plans to take down the WiMAX network or to shift  our customers off this network. |

| You: but ... you are not expanding no wima |

| You: x |

| Megan: Yes, you are right. |

|  Megan: Phones that are WiMAX capable will not run on the LTE network,  however, WiMAX will coexist for years with LTS, so WiMAX phones will not  become obsolete once we launch LTE. Separate devices created with the  LTE specific chipset, antenna, and other hardware will be made available  to use on the LTE network. |

| Megan: Are there any other questions I can help with? |

| You: hhg |

| You: sooo |

| You: If I already have spotty coverage on WiMax already I am losing out |

| You: why should I extend or even become a customer with Sprint if I am not going to see improvement on your network |

| Megan: Throughout 2012 Sprint will be working to add 4G LTE, and improve existing 3G coverage. |

|  Megan: Customers in Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and San Antonino are  scheduled to receive 4G LTE coverage in the first half of 2012. |

| Megan: Please Click Here (

to sign up for updates on LTE coverage. |

|  You: If a customer that doesnt know to ask these questions, do you tell  customers about the above? Like your 4G wimax phone the coverage wont  be expending and your LTE phone your are selling will only work on above  regions. |

| Megan: Right now I also do not have complete  information regarding this service, I would recommend you to call our  customer care at 1-888-211-4727. |

| You: OK but on the number to call I would be speaking to someone like you, why can't you answer me? |

|  Megan: This service is yet not launched and we have very limited  information and I gave you all information regarding this, which I know.  |

| Megan: You will get concerned department at customer care this regard. |

| Megan: Please Click Here (

to sign up for updates on the Galaxy Nexus and other 4G LTE devices. |


Re: Whats up with 4G

We do not charge for "4G Service". Our $10.00 Premium Data charge is for all Smartphones, regardless if they are 3G only or 3G/4G.

This is completely untrue. I originally signed up for data service with the HTC Hero on 3G and was told that I had to pay an additional $10/per month when I upgraded to the EVO for 4G service. I have the statements to prove it.

I have been contemplating a switch for the last 2 years and now I have seen enough BS to finally pull the trigger. I have been paying extra money for a service that is unavailable most of the time and drains my devices battery life within a matter of minutes when in use anyway. All I can say is WOW.

It's funny that I also had the same exact experience with the $20 credit. They offered it to me 2 years ago when I wanted to leave for AT&T and the iPhone (saying it would be permanent). Now it's gone. And so am I...

Goodbye Sprint!!!


Whats up with 4G

You are exactly correect, the 10.00 data plan ruse is just that, a ruse. I upgraded to the GS2 months ago under the auspices that 4G would be coming to Reno soon. Now I find my GS2 won't even work w/ LTE when/if it ever arrives here. I've hung in there w/ Sprint for years. They have good coverage in my area. However, I think I've finally reached my fill. No 4G for the foreseeble future, no LTE, & paying for something I won't get. I'm going to grin & bare it & buy out my 5 phone contract & move to Verizon. I have friends who have been there forever & they LOVE it. They're never treated like the ugly step children like here at Sprint. Sprint doesn't even make the effort to keep their clients happy.

Sorry, but it was your own doing.


Whats up with 4G

I totally get your point. Also, if you're still reading this forum, I would like to see the letter you sent to Sprint's legal department. I was told when I bought my Photon 4G that WiMax was still being rolled out, and I've been quoted several times that my area would have service by 2012.. well, it's February, and they stopped rolling out WiMax more than a year ago.

I'm almost tempted, but almost not, to switch to Verizon. LTE has been here with Verizon since beginning 2011. It is possible that I will just eat the ETF.


Whats up with 4G

Sprint 4 g is a joke.  I was told in august 2010 that nj would be covered so I, bought two epics.  I was told I had to pay 10$ a month extra for 4g.  At that time, only 4g phones had that charge, so for sprint to say at that time it was not a 4g charge is a flat out lie.  Ever since last september, the 3g stinks as well.  I used to have good signal and could use, my phone at work and in town, but now I have dead zones and slow data all over this area.  To top it of, they have 4g in only a few towns and even then, it keeps disconnecting.  I feel so played by sprint and I still don't know why I' mexpected too keep my end of a contact, when sprint isn't providing what they were before last september.  I'm not canceling and paying any etf, but I'm counting the days until this august when I can tell sprint I want a .divorce


Re: Whats up with 4G

harmlesslyfatal8 wrote:

I totally get your point. Also, if you're still reading this forum, I would like to see the letter you sent to Sprint's legal department. I was told when I bought my Photon 4G that WiMax was still being rolled out, and I've been quoted several times that my area would have service by 2012.. well, it's February, and they stopped rolling out WiMax more than a year ago.

I'm almost tempted, but almost not, to switch to Verizon. LTE has been here with Verizon since beginning 2011. It is possible that I will just eat the ETF.

I'm posting the letter below for you.  The address at the top is where you need to write if you'd like to initiate arbitration.  After receiving this letter, Sprint's legal department had two people contact me.  They both thought my name was Juarez (it's nothing close), they both scheduled followup calls that never happened, and when I finally did get my final call, the person had not even read the below demand letter before calling me and had no idea what my demands even were.  During that same phone call, without reading the letter, she denied my demands for money AND more importantly denied my demand that Sprint change its sales practices; I demanded that Sprint include a disclaimer so that anyone purchasing a WIMAX phone is basically told "WIMAX is not expanding, so if you do not currently have it in your area, you never will."

EDIT: My demands have also increased.  Since they are forcing me to go to arbitration and handled my original demand with such disrespect, I'm simply asking for a straight $15,000 now.


General Counsel

Arbitration Office

12502 Sunrise Valley Drive

Mailstop VARESA0202-2C682

Reston, Virginia 20191

To whom it may concern,

            This letter is my official request for arbitration in the matter of fraudulent business practice with regard to sales of WIMAX 4G devices.

            Sprint has ceased expansion of WIMAX coverage, but Sprint continues to tell customers that WIMAX is expanding in order to sell WIMAX devices. I recently had four separate conversations with Sprint reps who stated that WIMAX is expanding. All four reps claimed that it would be a good idea to spend extra money on a WIMAX device rather than a 3G device. Two of these reps were supervisors. I maintain recordings of these phone calls. 

            When I purchased my current 4G phone I was told to expect WIMAX in my area. I was told that a tower was being completed as close as 10-12 miles from my home and that it would be active soon. I based my purchase on this information.

            Countless Sprint customers have likewise based their purchases of WIMAX devices on Sprint’s continued claims that WIMAX is expanding.  I recently began posting about this issue in Sprint’s forums, and the thread has already received numerous posts from angry customers who were similarly tricked into buying 4G devices.

            I have spent the last two weeks in contact with the corporate support team of My most recent conversation was with Tia J. earlier today. She denied my requests (see below), and she suggested that Sprint holds no blame for my purchase of a WIMAX device; she stated that she personally would not have taken Sprint’s word that WIMAX was coming to her area. I maintain recordings of all phone calls with representatives.

Sprint's policy should require that future WIMAX device sales come with a verbal disclaimer; the disclaimer should clearly state that WIMAX coverage will not expand.

I would like a $350 credit on my account to acknowledge the loss of value of my device, the need to purchase an LTE device, and the fact that my phone was sold to me under false pretenses.

I have spent a decent amount of time with a WIMAX phone but I have never experienced WIMAX service.  Had I known the truth about WIMAX, I would have purchased an excellent 3G phone instead.  For this reason, I am requesting an iPhone 4S.

I require that all of these demands be met, lest the amount of the requested credit increase significantly. For example, if Sprint chooses not to promptly change its WIMAX sales policy as previously outlined, I will no longer be requesting a $350 credit; I will require a check for $12,000. Should Sprint also require a nondisclosure agreement between us, this amount will increase to $15,000.

I will be seeking to have this dispute arbitrated on a class-wide basis. Per Sprint’s online arbitration agreement:

We each agree that any arbitration will be solely between you and Sprint (not brought on behalf of or together with another individual’s claim). If for any reason any court or arbitrator holds that this restriction is unconscionable or unenforceable, then our agreement to arbitrate doesn’t apply and the dispute must be brought in court.

            Should the ruling of arbitration force this issue to court, I will be represented by one of the three class action firms currently interested in this case.

If I do not hear from Sprint regarding this matter within 10 days of receipt of this letter, I will assume that Sprint is denying me the legal remedy of arbitration. I will proceed accordingly.



Whats up with 4G

So sick of sprint salespeople lying to you and the company refuses to do anything about it.  In august 2010, I bought two epics and paid the extra ten bucks a month for each one because I was told the 4g service was coming in a month our two.  It is a great and a half later and no 4g.  I think sprint owes metwenty bucks a month since when I signed on because then, only the evos and epics has the charge., if I knew sprint lied to me, I wouldn't have bought a 4g phone


Re: Whats up with 4G

For any sprint reps currently monitoring this thread (hi, donnie), I am  printing out everything that is stated here.  Also, whenever you delete  my posts I receive a notification e-mail which includes the content that  you deleted.  I am saving these e-mails.  This is all going to  arbitration, and I will be highlighting the many posts from others who were lied to about 4G.  I hope that every one of them follows suit and files after me.   As you may have heard recently, someone just won an $850 small  claims case against AT&T for their throttling of "unlimited" data  connections.  That case was based in a grey area; technically the man  WAS receiving unlimited AMOUNTS of data...the speed was just being  adjusted.  Also no malicious intent behind the practice was cited or  proven.  He won anyway.  This 4G issue is black and white;  you are telling customers that WIMAX is expanding when it is not.  Additionally, this misinformation is making Sprint millions of dollars in phone sales.  Sprint's corporate and legal departments acknowledged this fact in phone recordings and both departments have declined to properly retrain employees.  This cannot be construed as anything but consumer fraud.  I realize that you treat people like dirt when they make these complaints because that makes 99.9% of people go away, but as a law student I can assure you that you're messing with the  .1% this time, and you're about to lose $15,000.  I imagine that a lot of news outlets will be eager to grab this story soon after the successful AT&T story.


Re: Whats up with 4G

Hey imnot,

private mail me if you wany my story in detail.  I have been arguing about the lack of  4g and the deteriorations in, both call quality and 3g coverage since september.  My phone and text quality were very good before then and have been bad ever since., I have made calls, emails and postings, but nothing except the attitude that you are stuck under contact and tough luck if your service isn't what it was in the fiesta 30 of service, when I could have canceled.

These sprint reps are giving canned responses from their legal department and still can't answer one basic question.  If there wa no wrong information given by sprint staff about the 4g charges and availability, why are there so many stories from customs, cross country claiming it.  We all didn't get together and make it up.  We were lied to by sprint employees and should be reimbursed.


Re: Whats up with 4G


I rejected your last two posts as they contained content not in line with the Sprint Community Guidelines.

As it states under Do not post inappropriate content section:

  • Content relating to current, future, or proposed lawsuits for Sprint.  This is not the forum for legal issues with Sprint, and we are not allowed to discuss ongoing litigation.  Do not solicit class action clients.


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