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Why is Sprint coverage so bad?


Why is Sprint coverage so bad?

I've had Sprint for many, many years.  The past 2 years or so have been absolutely terrible.  More times than not, I have no signal or many dropped calls.  Or I go into roaming while in my own home.  The internet is incredibly slow.  When I call to question the problem, I'm just told that there's a cell tower issue that should be resolved in a few days. Well, the days have turned to months, which have turned to years.  I have already switched my internet to Verizon which has been fantastic for $10/month cheaper for the same data.  If things don't straighten out soon,  My family phones will go to another carrier also.  I have 4 phone lines.  I've been a faithful customer who's been patient and gullible, I guess, when a customer representative assures me that things will be rectified.  But now I'll start paying more for service that is more reliable regardless of the data limits. 

When will these issues be fixed?  I know of at least 10 families who have switched to other companies.  Come on Sprint...get your head out of your butt and do something.

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Re: Why is Sprint coverage so bad?

I agree with you completely. I dont like how Sprint has starting offering 4g LTE phones and they dont evern offer the network work yet. I feel stupid for buying into it and now I am standing here with my hands in air. Good thing Sprint makes a great paper weight. If Sprint doesnt fullfil there promise by the end of this month i am switching to Verizon.

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