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Cant call a specific phone number


Cant call a specific phone number

Hello Since 10-04-17 I have not been able to call my girlfriends number i have 2 different phones different numbers and i canot call from either , however I can call her from my landline. I checked her settings to make sure she doesnt have me blocked and I was able to verify that i wasnt , Ive been on the chat and over the phone with Tech support but I havent received any help.

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Re: Cant call a specific phone number



Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'd like to confirm, what's the make or model of your device? Does your girlfriend have a Sprint phone number? Are you receiving any error message when you try to call her? If yes, which one (call goes directly to Voice Mail, All circuits are busy? Also, are you able to receive calls from her number?


I'll be awaiting on your response.

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Re: Cant call a specific phone number

both of your devices are on the same account or different accounts? the thing to look at is what similarity is there between the two devices that could call this? both are using Google voice and its messed up her number somehow? theres gotta be something between the two devices..actually..are you signed into both with the same gmail/google account info? if you are the mess up might have came in from might try deleting any of her contact info from both devices (texts, voicemail, call history...pretty much anything that would contain her name/number)..restart your phone..then starting with one of the phones re add all her info back in..then test it..if it works then go ahead and do it with the second device and then test that one as well.
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