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Clinton, AR Off-Network Roaming


Clinton, AR Off-Network Roaming


I switched to Sprint from AT&T on Saturday, 9/30/2017 at a corporate store in Wichita, KS. I activated three lines and shipped one of the new phones, an iPhone 7 Plus, to an address in Clinton, AR which the Sprint Representative assured me was in your service area.

"Yeah, we have two towers there," this person said after checking the coverage map.

Unfortunately, it appears that your reps are allowed to lie as when I input the actual address to the primary place the phone will be, it is in a "Off-Network Roaming" area. The closest in-network area is about 40 miles away. The phone hasn't even made it to this person yet.


I need to know how this is going to impact the use of their device, the quality of their service, and how it is going to affect my Unlimited Freedom plan. Literally the only reason I switched to Sprint was to add another line and do the LOGO deal on the iPhone 7s.


Personally, I have noticed horrible service here in Kansas as well. I was in Clearwater this morning, a place that claims to be in your network, and bounced back and forth between Extended LTE and No Service. I'd like an explanation, please.

What is the point in paying for a phone and a phone plan if the device does not work as advertised? You're within 1% in reliability with Verizon and AT&T, huh?


Re: Clinton, AR Off-Network Roaming

The person in Ar. will most likely be stuck on roaming as a result. They may beable to make user of WiFi calling if they have an internet connection which will be very advantageous if they have a limited data plan.


What you might want to do is post both the zipcode and nearest main cross streets for both the Ar. location and the Ks. location. That way when a Sprint Rep pops into this thread, they can look up the 2 locations and offer the best options available to you.


Keep us informed.

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Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.
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