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Getting over charge for a plan I did not sign


Getting over charge for a plan I did not sign

Sprint "Free" plan is false advertising. I decided to enrolled in their Sprint's free plan called BYOD.


"Sprint is offering 1-Year Unlimited Talk, Text & Data for Free (pay only the monthly tax/fees per line) when you bring an eligible unlocked smartphone." (


In other to get it I had to transport my phone number to them and bring my own phone, which I did! 

While signing for the plan back in January over the phone the agent told me she made a mistake by enrolled me in another plan that cost $80 per month, but not to worry as she put a request to switch to the free plan as soon as possible before the bill come up.


In January, I was charged $80. I called sprint and explained what was happening. They agreed to adjust the bill for me to pay only the state taxes as indicated in the plan's policy.  They assured me that they would switch me to the proper plan. However, they did not switch me to the plan I had signed up for.  I had to keep calling every month, and spend several hours on the phone to get the charges removed. I was transferred to multiple different agents, and had to wait on hold for hours to have that problem fixed.


I called in this month, and I now have a bill of $156.  They now claim that they cannot refund the charges, because the BYOD plan is not on the market anymore.  Sprint lied when they said that I could sign up for a 1-year free plan.  Instead they performed a bait-and-switch and signed me up for an $80 per month plan that I did not want.


I cancelled the phone line, because I cannot afford to pay the $80 monthly fee, and the customer service reps refuse to help.  I now have received a notice that my account is being sent into collections for charges that I did not agree to.


Hi emmanuellacoupo. I'd be glad to take a closer look at things for you. I'll need some additional info so that I can access your account and look over your history to get caught up on our notes. I'll be sending you a PM to get that info now. 


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