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MMS won't work in Canada


MMS won't work in Canada

I travel to Canada multiple times per year but always have great difficulty with my Sprint phone, currently an HTC One A9.


The biggest issue is that MMS messages never work.  SMS messages can be sent and received just fine, but incoming picture or group messages will not download no matter how strong my signal is.  I will get a notification that an MMS message has arrived, but I cannot see the content.  When I get back to the USA, all of the MMS messages that I received during my trip all download at once.  I also cannot receive MMS messages while in Canada.  And yes, my mobile data roaming is turned on, including international voice and data roaming.  Which brings me to issue #2...


Upon arrival in Canada, I automatically receive a text message with a link to activate Canada high-speed data.  But when I click the link to activate it, it always seems to think that I am connected via WiFi (even though I have WiFi disabled and am not near any WiFi networks) so it won't ever connect me and I can never get high-speed data.  Low-speed (2G?) data works over the network in Canada but it is painfully slow.


I imagine these two issues are somehow related, almost as though my phone cannot be properly identified over the Canadian mobile data networks so it is stuck at 2G data and SMS messages only, no MMS.  Can anyone help me?  Trying to get Sprint support while in Canada is near impossible, especially without a high-speed connection.  Even when I am able to use a hotel WiFi connection, support has been very time-consuming and not helpful.  I am travelling to Canada more often lately and i need to get this figured out.


Has anyone else had this happen?  Thanks to anyone that can help!

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Re: MMS won't work in Canada

Good afternoon WassonPk. Sounds like something we need to look into, please check your inbox I just sent you a Private Message.



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