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No reception and no data!!!


Re: No reception and no data!!!

It's not a "recall" from Samsung, since it's such a small percentage of the devices that were sold are having the issue. It's a known issue that some customers have reported, and traditional software and device troubleshooting is not fixing.

  • Sprint and Samsung are closely monitoring concerns about intermittent or total loss of data with the Samsung Galaxy S10/+/e handsets. 
  • Software version *ASD5* will prevent issues that cause intermittent data. Software version must be one that contains *ASD5* (released 4/16/19) or *ASDA* ( released 5/1//19).
    • If the device has experienced No Data issue before the software update and is still experiencing the issue after the update, then there is no way to resolve it and the device must be replaced.


Since we're aware of it, Sprint is replacing the effected devices without the need to pay the deductible. You do need to go into a store with a service and repair staff, as they are the ones that have access to the systems needed to order replacement devices. 

Tacos and Hot Dogs are Sandwiches. We're likely not going to agree on this, but trust I'll work hard to get you an acceptable solution to your issue.

Re: No reception and no data!!!

Ok please tell me where one would be closest to American fork Utah 84003


Re: No reception and no data!!!

Hey there. Looking at our store locator for the closest repair center off the general area, it looks like the closest bet is the address listed below. You an get more info on the store, as well as see how many people are in line and reserve yourself a spot, at this link right here. Make sure to check the 'repairs' box when searching for your zip code.


We would always suggest calling ahead the day you plan to visit to let them know that you have a Galaxy S10 device that is having issues with data and that you've spoke to Sprint Care agents about getting a replacement per the known issues with the device. This is just to make sure that they have someone staffed on hand who is aware of the matter and will be able to assist you right away without any delays or having to reschedule. 


If you have any additional questions, please be sure to let us know!


1587 S State St
Orem, UT 84097
Phone: (801) 225-6500


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