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Service down in Oklahoma - 74851


Service down in Oklahoma - 74851

Our service has been next to nothing for over 2 weeks now. We have contacted Sprint multiple times to let them know. Last time we contacted them, a service provider said it would be 48 hours until the issue on the cell phone tower was fixed.  It has been 5 days now with absolutely no improvement. We have been loyal customers for 10 years and if this doesn't get fixed soon, we will switch to ATT.

Bethel Acres/Mcloud/Harrah, Oklahoma zip code 74851


Hello Bcullum101, we're sorry that you are continuing to experience issues. The cell site that provides service to your area is still experiencing an outage. We are dedicated to provide the best customer experience and will insure we resolve the problem as quickly as possible. We understand the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.  

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