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Sprint coverage is absoulutely TERRIBLE and the worst in the United States.


Sprint coverage is absoulutely TERRIBLE and the worst in the United States.

Everysince I've switched to Sprint, my coverage has been terrible if it works at all.  I can't mow my lawn because if I get outside of my WiFi coverage, it transfers to Sprint "lte" then shows 1 bar and just stops playing streaming music over Sirius XM.  It's extremely frustrating and I'm ready to through them to the curb.  It's been about a year now.  They also stole my phones that I turned in for credit.  I turned in about 5 phones for credit so I could pay off my at&t bill.  Well, I NEVER received the money for those phones.  It should have been over $2000, but they stole them.  There was no attempt to reach out to me to help resolve whatever was going on.  I just called one day and they said the offer expired about 6 days before I called them.  This is bull**bleep**.  I'm tired of their runaround, their poor poor POOR service coverage, and their thieving practices to not pay customers what their old phones were worth, leaving them with a huge debt with their previous provider.  I am outraged at the way they treat their customers.  I'm out over $2000 in phones, my service sucks, I live right in the center of the city, about 2 blocks form the shopping mall and the main 'drag'. and about 4 blocks from the downtown area.  In my home, I get 0-1 bar.  My media streaming services will not work unless I'm within 8 feet of the house where we have WiFi coverage.  Their LTE is a misnomer and should not be called such, maybe, just maybe they can call it 2g, but that's it if they're lucky.  In closing, Sprint is the worst experience in my life I've ever had dealing with a wirelss provider.  As soon as my contract is up, I will definitely be leaving them.  AT the very least, GIVE ME THE MONEY FOR MY PHONES THAT I TURNED IN FOR CREDIT TO HELP PAY OFF AT@T THAT YOU STOLE FROM ME.  AT LEAST GIVE ME BACK MY PHONES.


Signed VERY dissatisfied Sprint customer.


Scott Burningham


Re: Sprint coverage is absoulutely TERRIBLE and the worst in the United States.

Scott, let's take a look at your account and see what happened with those phones. Please send me a PM your phone number and account PIN.

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