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Tree on Aerial Line


Tree on Aerial Line

To whom it may concern,


I am the park superintendent of a portion of the Katy Trail, and I am having great deal of difficulty locating an actual person to speak to about a tree on one's of Sprint's overhead telephone lines over the Katy Trail. The tree could fall at anytime on the line.



Daniel Brigman


Re: Tree on Aerial Line

are you positive its a power line running to the tower? usually all power running to a tower is underground for this specific reason. edit out your phone number if possible the site itself is fully searchable by a ton of search engines out there so tons of people can see your number. once an agent pops in they will send you a private message and the number can go in there. mind giving a zip code and some close by cross streets so the agents can flag that tower to be checked up on?
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Re: Tree on Aerial Line

I'll send this over to our network team, and try to get someone in contact with you. I did receive your  email with your contact information.  Thank you!

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