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Volte galaxy watch note 9

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Re: Volte galaxy watch note 9

Obviously...I was so upset when I posted it I should have explained. I have a friend that has a note 9 on sprint from a different state and it is working in my city! So I decided to call...after being told it is available by a rep going through a ton of steps they just stopped responding when it didn't work. So how is my friends working?

Re: Volte galaxy watch note 9

**bleep** so your friend has volte showing on his note 9 on sprint i need to see a screenshot of this
Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: Volte galaxy watch note 9

The Note 9 is not on the list for VoLTE at this time. If your friend has VoLTE showing on their device, we'd definitely be curious to know more about their device. Are we sure they aren't on WiFi calling? Do they have all the latest updates on their phone? I would ask her to reach out to us and show us what she is seeing so we can investigate further because the Note 9 is not yet greenlit on VoLTE. 


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