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Alaska coverage/roaming


Alaska coverage/roaming

Spent a couple hours with multiple CS reps to confirm everything said/provided. 

Alaska has coverage but is all "international"/data roaming. 

You get free unlimited calls & texts with 300mb of data and that is it.

If you want more then that you have to go to Sprints pay as you go data plan which is $0.03 a KB. which totals $30,000 (yes thirty thousand) for one single GB. 

Actual coverage is spotty as well as i go regularly. Anchorage is about the only place, you can get decent service in Fairbanks and Juneau. With sketchy service in the bigger cities like Palmer, Seward, etc... BUT know they bounce off AT&T and Verizon towers. 

If you are going more regular or moving there your best bet would be to get off sprint and move forward with a new phone carrier. They have no towers in the state. 

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