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Cell Tower Outage 37030


Cell Tower Outage 37030

The cell tower used while I am at home has been down for over a week. Since we live in a rural location, WiFi is limited to satellite and usage there is limited and expensive. This forces me to use roaming data while at home. When the tower is working, I rarely use roaming, however, with the tower down I use my roaming allowance within a couple of days. Why should I be forced to use up my roaming allowance when it is Sprint's fault I am using it at all? Why is a tower down for so long? Has Sprint's contract with the tower provider expired and they are negotiating for a new contract or better price? Why am I lied to by Sprint and always told the tower will be back up "by this evening " only to be disappointed when it isn't? Why am I paying for service I am not receiving? I now own an expensive paperweight. 

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Re: Cell Tower Outage 37030

I'm happy to look at the tower for you. I'm going to send you a private message to get your account information. 





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