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Corporate Office Contact Information


Corporate Office Contact Information

Good Morning,

I would like to know where I can send a complaint email to the Corporate Office. I see everyone who has asked this has yet to get this answer.

My issue started sometime in July. I don't completely know when exactly this happened because someone happened to mention to me that they tried to call me. My phone never rang. This started an investigation on my part. There have been WAY too many times where if someone calls my phone, it either rings on both ends, it rings on their end and not on my end, or it goes straight to voicemail. If I try to call out, it will either ring, or just say "connecting" and then I hear a busy signal and get an error message that says "unable to connect". 

I randomly get the error message that says "Unable to establish a wireless data connection" many times throughout the day. 

With text messages, MOST of the time I get the error message that says "couldn't send message", and then at different times of the day when the network decides to work, I will all of a sudden get multiple notifications of text messages that were sent while it was out. 

I am disgusted of the service or should I say the LACK of service that I've been dealing with since July. I call so much and this should NOT be happening.

I cannot work my part-time job because I need to use an app on my phone and that isn't always possible with no network availability. I have missed EMERGENCY phone calls that involved someone's health because my phone didn't ring!!!

I have various friends and relatives who are also going thru this and I told them all to either leave or call to complain. There is NO reason why we should be expected to pay full price for a service we don't have.

I want out of this I need to talk with corporate. 

Sprint Social Care

Hey! There's no direct email to our corporate team, so what we do is take one's complaint & have it sent to our superiors. However, in the interim we always try to assist our customers with their concerns. That being said, how many lines are on your account? If there're others, are those experiencing the same thing or is it only yours? 


I only have one line, and I have had NUMEROUS  phone conversations with Sprint employees over this....since July. I have spoken with several "supervisors" and nothing. That's why I need to talk to someone higher


Hmm I see but before I can get you to someone higher I need to do my research first. Lookout for a private message. 


Thanks for confirming.

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