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Coverage is none existent


Coverage is none existent


I have been a customer for Sprint for almost 20 years and live at my same house for that same time.  I stay in Austell GA which a very dense population. I always have gotten very good data coverage from Sprint for years.  However since January of this year my speed at home is virtually gone.  I thought maybe my phone so I did a factory reset and that did not solve the issue.  I have a Note 8 and my wife has the same phone.  My wife phone has the same issue.  So I have tested it at different location around the city and I would get very good speed.   Also I have even walk down the street from my home and the speed is bad.  I have been going back and forth with Sprint with no help.  They have done bunch of test on my phone and still same issue.  They keep telling me that the tower is fine around my house.  This is so frustrating!!!  It is even worst when Sprint tells you to hold on to check on something and they never comes back on the phone or the call get transfer to another person where I have to explain myself all over again.  This happen to me so many time that I lost count.  If I cannot get any resolution to this I will have to change carrier.  Any suggestion please.....


Where are you experiencing this issue at? If you want to send me a PM with your address I can take a look and see what's going on. Are you only experiencing data issues or are there other issues as well?

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