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Galaxy S9 stuck on 3G, no help from tech support


Galaxy S9 stuck on 3G, no help from tech support

Ever since the text announcing how great the service would be from the merger coverage has gotten way worse, now phone is stuck on 3G.  Multiple chat supports (excess of six) all go through the same thing, update PRL, update profile, SCRTN update, reset all network connections, reboot phone, start in safe mode and none of that works.  I have been a customer since Nextel days and am on my last straw.  I even have a magic box at home that was working beautifully now phone will not connect to the magic box.  Yep, tech support call to them and get the same troubleshooting steps.  Still not connecting.  Updating the PRL will result in a connection with full bars at LTE for about 5 minutes then all connections drop stays off for about a minute and then comes back with 3G.  Extreme disappointment that Sprint can't offer anything other than reboot, reset, and update various things. Really really close to dumping them after 20 plus years, kind of sad when you think about this is how they really care about taking care of long time customers. 


Hey, I've looked into this issue further & saw that it's a known issue with the few of the Samsung Devices (yours inclusive). That being said, the dedicated department is working on an upcoming software release that will address this issue permanently. However, in the meantime, it's advised to ensure that VoLTE is turn On & then perform ##72786#. 


Call Technical Support and have them unflag your device for "T-Mobile network access". They pushed some update (not the security patch being discussed out there) out to some devices enabling "T-Mobile network access" and instead of just expanding coverage, it apparently just forces your device to ignore Sprint towers altogether. 


I got connected with Tech Support through one of the Customer Service reps here and that's exactly what they did to my devices and they returned to full LTE with 200+mbps download data speeds. Theoretically, they should still roam to T-Mobile towers as they were before this update but ... this update essentially made the phones T-Mobile phones as far as connectivity was concerned. Oh, and prior to this being reversed on my lines ... VoLTE toggle was forced on and greyed out so I couldn't toggle it off/on if I wanted to. Now, I can turn that off / on as much as I want. Coincidence? Hmmmm 


I'd try that before bailing on the service. But, yes, it is most definitely frustrating. I also have had 20 years with Sprint and for them to do such a terrible job (or let T-Mobile do such a terrible job) connecting our phones to the "expanded coverage" they keep advertising ... it's ridiculous. This type of change should wait until they are completely ready, not do it as a half-baked plan to move us over. 

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