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I have data, but no voice or text (possible network issue?)


I have data, but no voice or text (possible network issue?)

This started either late Sunday night (6/7) or sometime Monday (6/8).  The last successful call I received was Sunday night about 6 PM Central time.  My mother tried to reach me all day Monday by voice and text and I never received any of them, though I did get a voice mail from her and it showed up in my Visual Voicemail.  I was only after she emailed me sometime yesterday (Tues) that I even realized I had an issue.


I DO have cellular data service (I have wi-fi turned off just to be sure), but I cannot send or receive text messages or voice calls.  When I attempt to make a voice call, the dialer says "Out of service" and I get a pop-up notice saying "Mobile network is unavailable."


I can't even sign into my Sprint account because I can't receive the text message for verification.  Luckily the Community site doesn't require two-factor.


I do have several bars on the signal indicator and I see the 4G logo (again, I DO have data).


I took it to the local Sprint store (a Corporate store, not a kiosk) yesterday and they tried several things with network resets and reactivations, and I had already tried a Profile and PRL update and restarting several times.  Nothing worked.  They concluded it must be the phone.


So later yesterday evening I contacted Sprint support via chat within the My Sprint app on my phone.  (Again, I have data.)  She eventually come back and say that there is apparently a known network issue in my area.


So I guess, can a Sprint person confirm whether there is indeed a network issue in my area, and if so, any update on its status or eta for resolution?


Otherwise, any other ideas on my issue?


Thank you.


Hi I have a Umx U693CL cell phone with android and I need to unlock it, but when I try to unlock it using UCCI I receive a error "Error Code 23"


Hey, is the device locked to Sprint? Also, are you the original owner of the device? 


The Umx U693CL is an Assurance Wireless device.  You will need to contact Assurance for unlocking.

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