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Internal Error 111 trying to update PRL and Profile


Internal Error 111 trying to update PRL and Profile

Why Sprint? First it was the "T-Mobile-ready" setting you pushed out to some, if not all phones causing phones to completely ignore the Sprint towers and favor weaker signals from further-away T-Mobile towers. Now, every one of our phones (including a Boost mobile phone, which is ironic since Boost was divested as part of the merger) gives an internal error 111 after churning a while trying to update both PRL and Profile on the phones. 


Otherwise, the phones work fine ... but this is ridiculous. By the way, having Tech Support turn off the "T-Mobile Ready" flag on the phones does not affect the ability to roam to T-Mobile towers in the right circumstances when a T-Mobile tower is closer/better than Sprint has. Tested that out last weekend in a rural area where T-Mobile has better coverage and I never lost my LTE except once out of both of their ranges briefly. 


But why can't I update PRL or Profile now suddenly? All troubleshooting has been performed, restarting phone, forcing reactivation, etc. It's like it is a punishment for my phones staying on Sprint's network so that my signal doesn't suck in the place I'm in most -- my home. 

Sprint Social Care

I'm here to help! I'll send you a PM so I can further look into this. 

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