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International Hotspot w/ LTE package ($25 per week)


International Hotspot w/ LTE package ($25 per week)

If i use the hotspot internationally & have the LTE package, does hotpot also get LTE speeds;  Am i still subject to 50GB  (unlimited plus) limits or something different? Also if I have 5 lines on my account is the  Phone 50GB  (unlimited plus) data limit & Hotspot 50GB  (unlimited plus) data limit per line OR per account?

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Re: International Hotspot w/ LTE package ($25 per week)

Hey there. When you are at home in the US, the Unlimited Plus plan you get 50GB of LTE,hotspot PER LINE then unlimited 3G after a line has maxed out it's 50GB allotment.


I checked in with our international team and confirmed that if you buy the day/week LTE package for a line during international travel, that gives you unlimited LTE hotspot. However, they did indicate that mobile hotspot may not work fully when travelling international.


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