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Is MagicBox a true voice extending FemtoCell?


Is MagicBox a true voice extending FemtoCell?

Hello all,


After 10+ years my trust Airave 2.5 kicked the bucket and stopped functioning normally.  Sprint replaced it with the Casa Pebble (two of them actually), but the Pebble never actually worked from the get go.  I could never make/receive calls or texts.  It was totally useless and I reverted back to WiFi calling to get service here.


A little about my home location.  The nearest Sprint tower is approximately 10-11 miles away.  Geographically speaking, there are small mountain ridges blocking the signal from that tower and I have zero cell service from any carrier in this location.  Total blackout area.


My question is... does the MagicBox require an active Sprint signal from a tower that it "boosts" or "repeats" to the house?  Or does the MagicBox run entirely off my fiberoptic internet line to service both voice and data?


Is it a true voice extender so that if I disabled wifi, I could still make/receive calls and texts on my phone?




MagicBox only enhances or "boosts" the LTE signal for data -- it does not boost voice (per the documentation around MagicBox and the Sprint Network Tool app for configuring the MagicBox). It requires a decent enough connection to the towers even when using Wifi backhaul. 


As such, your phone would likely have enough signal without wifi turned on to complete phone calls and send/receive texts if the MagicBox has what it needs to complete connecting. I, too, was disappointed when I found out I couldn't use wifi backhaul to boost the overall phone coverage as well as data. Plus, I've had issues connecting it to the wifi network at my wife's office where the signal could really use a boost. 


@StyxPhoenix Thanks for the reply.  I had read multiple conflicting sites that stated MagicBox was a separate femtocell that broadcast 3G voice and passed the connection over to the internet backhaul connection.  Similar to that of the original Airaves.  Then I had read other conflicting sites that stated MagicBox's require an active voice/data connection directly to the cell tower.


In my situation I'm looking for something identical to the original Airaves as there are no cell towers in the vicinity and thus 0 cell/data bars apart from WiFi calling.


Thanks for sharing about the MagicBox, I'll be sure to avoid getting that.


You're welcome. When they offered me it, I thought it would be great for the situation at my wife's workplace since they have spotty cell service. My service at home is excellent so there's no need for it, even though my home address is where it was intended to be used.


But upon further investigation, even the eligibility site you can type in your address to see if the MagicBox is available did not say her work address was eligible. It does now when I try it, but in actuality, it has trouble connecting and when it does - provides full LTE bars - but doesn't really improve service much. 



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