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It is true as Sprint users we are screwed after merger.


It is true as Sprint users we are screwed after merger.

I can not use my phone as intended for the last two month. Where ever I had 4G LTE now I get 3G and no data. I used to get 4G LTE in my house but not anymore. Constant errors like "data tethering error" , lost data connection, dropped calls, text messages can not be sent and forget about photos I do not even try anymore. Calling tech support is no help. They reset everything they can and it does not help. I was told that they are working on tower in my area so I just have to wait. It was a month ago. As i see on this forum many people have the same problem. Sprint used to be good for me but now it is a lost cause. 


Galaxy note 10 plus




Sad that there are so many of us long-time (20 yrs +) customers who are considering cancelling because they can't seem to make a native function of the phone work properly. I'm pretty sure they did add T-Mobile towers to the PRL because initially, I did notice better coverage in a few areas I know Sprint had poor coverage. But this last change to make our phones have "T-Mobile network access" is a scam. They straight put our phones (for those of us with the issue) on the T-Mobile network completely. That's where this went entirely wrong. The closest to an admission was them turning off that "setting" on the phones on my account. They need to admit they screwed up and just let the phones use whichever happens to be the stronger signal ... you know ... like the phones are supposed to do.


I'm sending a private message. 

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