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Just giving my money away to Sprint for zero service


Just giving my money away to Sprint for zero service

I owe Sprint almost $500, and I'm not going to pay it. I haven't had service for months. I've had so many conversations with so many costumer support agents and my phone still doesnt work. Everyone else around me with sprint works just fine. I don't understand why I should have to pay for something I can't ever use. I have to be on my daughters wifi hotspot to even do a google search. Why am I paying for 2 lines if I can only use one? If I can't get my money back I at the very least want this bill forgiven and maybe I'd stay with sprint. I refuse to pay for a service I don't even recieve, especially as a single mother with disabilities. I don't want to have one more conversation with a costumer service agent for no reason. I want my phone to work and I dont wanna pay for the time it didnt work at all. I'm sick of "troubleshooting" because you guys have made it clear the problem isn't going to be fixed.
Sprint Employee

@LarkinLove92, it's important that you have a device you can count on every day and we always love to work with our customers toward a solution to any problem. Troubleshooting steps help us to identify if the issue can be the device or network itself. Based on the details you sent, this seems to be device issue because it's only happening to one phone. The fastest way to get your issue resolved is to visit a repair store where one of our expert repair technicians have the tools and equipment to see exactly what you are experiencing. Have you tried it? If not, click here and then just select "Repair centers near me", enter your address and click "Find stores". The stores displayed will be the repair ones, and you can confirm it clicking on "Sprint store" which will display the services offered in that store. Make sure there is a check mark on "Repair". You can make an appointment to visit the closest repair store.

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