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LTE speed at Raleigh, NC


LTE speed at Raleigh, NC

I am a new member of Sprint and found that the LTE speed of Sprint is about 0.5-1 Mbps at Raleigh, NC. Is it normal?

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Re: LTE speed at Raleigh, NC

Good morning @David9!


Sprint LTE speeds will depend on the coverage on the area you are on. At Raleigh, NC I have checked that the coverage is mostly LTE excellent signal and LTE Plus. The LTE plus speeds goes from 12-30 Mbps on downloads and 2-3 Mbps on uploads. For regular LTE the speeds goes from 6-8 Mbps on downloads and 2-3 Mbps on uploads.


Please provide me with your nearest cross streets and ZIP code to verify if there is any outage affecting the services around you.

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