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More issues in 2 months than 23 years


More issues in 2 months than 23 years

I've had Sprint since 1997, part of that time in the midwest and part on the west coast. I've literally had more network problems in the last two months than I did in the previous 23 years combined. A couple of months ago I noticed a VoLTE icon show up in the menu bar on my Galaxy S8. This coincided with network changes due to the TMobile merger. Ever since then it's been constant dropped calls, roaming all over, complete loss of signal, restart after restart, etc, etc.


From my home office, where I've worked for years with few problems, I can no longer get a reliable signal. I tried the tech support route a month ago and got the basic troubleshooting responses. The phone worked enough to satisfy tech support but since then it's been having the same intermittent problems. I tried again today and opened a new case, reluctantly because I know every call is at least a 45 minute endeavor. But my phone had shown no signal for hours so I had to bite the bullet.

no signal.png

After the usual steps, signal bars showed back up. When I attempted a call later though it would not go through. I then tested inbound calls and those failed as well. So another call back to tech support and some more troubleshooting got it working again. This time we did a ##72786# reset on the phone.


So it's working now but who knows for how long. Signal strength is not impressive:

SmartSelect_20200825-154941_Network Cell Info Lite.jpg


I'm wondering if there is anything else I could possibly do on my end to improve this situation - different phone settings, etc? And of course, the phone has all updates installed.


I am having the same problem with roaming.  Same house and same account for 15 years.  But I am always roaming.  I updated PRL and Profile with no change.  My kids, on the same network, can't call me.  Never had this issue.  I am guessing it was due to the merger and switching of equipment but this is going on a week now.  I live in zip 08533.


Zip code is 46032, cross streets are Meeting House Rd, Rhettsbury St


Thanks for providing your area, but as a reminder, when giving any location information, please send it privately. However, the area is good. No outages and you should be access good coverage. Is your software version updated? If not, can you check for updates and install them? 

Community Manager

@cmc99 I checked your account and as you stated you have VoLTE turned on and there is also a Wifi Calling service code back from June which is causing conflict, Wifi Calling vs VoLTE.  I've removed the Wifi Calling code, just run a ##72756# to pick up the changes and run it for a few days.  Let me know if there is an improvement or not.


Can you clarify? What do you mean by "there is also a Wifi Calling service code back from June which is causing conflict, Wifi Calling vs VoLTE"?

Was something disabled on the back end?


Also, do you mean ##72786#?


Yes, software is fully updated.

SmartSelect_20200901-110853_Software update.jpg


Data speed is terrible. Here's a Speedtest result over LTE network with a fairly decent signal.

SmartSelect_20200901-110745_Speedtest.jpgSmartSelect_20200901-110804_Network Cell Info Lite.jpg


Hey! Did you run the code as instructed yesterday. Saw the rep advised that you run the code for a few days after which you'd reach back out with feedback. Please do & let us know how it goes. 


Well, actually that was 2 hours ago when the rep posted that, not yesterday. Also, the code posted by the rep was ##72756# which I don't believe is valid. I think the rep meant ##72786#, which I did run just a little while ago. After the reset completed, I now can't turn on VoLTE calls as it is greyed out.

SmartSelect_20200901-113421_Wi-Fi Calling.jpg


I can turn on Wi-Fi Calling so I did that and made a call but the call did not use Wi-Fi. According to Sprint FAQ info...


How can I tell if a call is using Wi-Fi calling?

Android: On most devices, the Wi-Fi Calling icon will display in the status bar when the service is ready to be used. For Google Pixel devices, the in-call screen will display "Wi-Fi call"




The Wi-Fi calling icon did not appear in the status bar, in fact I've never seen that icon appear on my phone any time I've enabled Wi-Fi calling.




Hey, quick question after your reset were you able to power off your device? 


After the network reset I did not power off the device. However I just now did and restarted but VoLTE calls is still grayed out.


Understood, once you're able to have one of the options available it's all good. 

I'm not sure what that means. VoLTE calls was available until just a few days ago. Why would it be grayed out now?

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