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NetStick 4G modem used with wireless router


NetStick 4G modem used with wireless router


I tried to post in Device Solutions but could not figure out how to. I have a 4G NetStick that plugs in by USB. Works fine on my computer. I am wanting to connect it to a wireless router so I can use it on other devices that do not have a USB port like my phone(that is not on the Sprint network). 

I first tried a NetGear router and it would show a wireless network but no internet connection. 

I then went and found a wireless router that has a port specific for 3G/4G USB. The same thing happens. I plug in the NetStick and the internet light flashes for a second but then turns off. I can connect to the router but it has no internet. 

I have talked to 2 different Sprint Customer Service people. One has just tried to send me to the Sprint store 60 miles away and I lost connection with the other one that was helping me. 

Any ideas? 

I may just attempt to return this and try to find a wireless one?? 

Sprint Social Care

Just for confirmation, you are trying to using the Netstick as a Hotspot, right? 




Can you access group messages over wifi or data? 


I'm not sure what you mean. This is just a hotspot usb plug and play. It is not a phone at all. I am using it now on my computer to be on here but when I plug it into my wireless router it has no internet access. Only flashes for a second on the wireless router that there is internet access. 


Disregard that last message, it was sent in error.Based on what I'm seeing here this device can't be used as a hotspot. We do have devices that does have that capability we can check out some options. 


That would be great to have a device that can do wireless. 


DM us, we can check out some options for you. 

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