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Netgear 341U Aircard Service Problems


Netgear 341U Aircard Service Problems

Hello.  We are using a sprint NETGEAR 341U USB aircard plugged into a cradlepoint USB router.  We have been using an aircard with the router for several years.  Over the years, when we use all our "unlimited" data our speeds get necked down at the end of the month, our data slows.  This is normal and working as advertised.  What is not normal and I have placed numerous calls over the years is that after the end of the month the data is  still slow.  This hasn't been a problem for several month so I was surprised when it happened the beginning of this month.  Normally I call Sprint and they would do something on the backend, and our data speed would be fine again.  This Jan (2019) at the beginning of the month, our data speeds didn't return to "normal" so I called SPRINT (four times yesterday and total of four hours on the phone!), and they can't get our speeds back up.  No solution.  Even my husbands phone is doing the same thing, 3G to LTE and disconnecting.  The aircard is doing this as well; switching between 3G and 4G and then dropping out completely after 1-2 minutes of air time.  Does anyone else use a NETGEAR 341U USB Modem and have you experienced these problems in the past?  Has Sprint resolved them? Did you have a major issue this January (2019) after your plan reset itself and sprint can't seem to resolve the issue?  Help Help Help.  

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