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Network Issues + Pandemic= Disaster


Network Issues + Pandemic= Disaster

My wife and I just moved to a new neighborhood in San Francisco, otherwise known as tech Disneyland. The service in our place is atrocious, non existent most of the time. I'm roaming and that doesn't work most of the time either. I have to take my S10`Plus and go stand in the middle of Rhode Island St between 23rd and 24th streets to get a call to go out. I call home and my wife will answer only if walking the dog or she just happens to be outside far enough toward the street for it to work and then the call gets dropped or long periods of nothing. I have reset, refreshed tried the automatic/cdma switch. been walked through fixes for a couple of hours of phone time with sprint and they finally said, "Eh, lets send out a Pebble it will be there by the end of the week" That was the before last. It didn't show and honestly I didn't expect it to. For 5 years Sprint has found the ability to go back on there word a number of times, so I wasn't surprised that it was a no show. So I called, and was told it would be here by Friday, last Friday. Then oddly enough last Friday Sprint calls me! That's right they reached out to me for the very purpose of telling me that I "don't qualify for a pebble" the reps of course could not tell me why this is, could not say to me who could, they could not offer anything other than "no".


Now I own a business that has been effected by Covid and got nothing in the way of stimulus money, not a penny. other companies I do business with reduced their fees to the tune of 30%. Sprint did none of this they merely postponed my payments to them and still tried to charge late fees until I caught them. Now, with Covid my wife who is a therapist working with at risk adults is forced to work from home when not in the field putting her health at risk to do her job. She's a frontline essential worker and can't even take a call from a client since HER PHONE WONT WORK AT HOME and I don't qualify after being told twice the thing (pebble) is on the way. I don't know what to do other than beg maybe go to the media since this is a story I'm sure would do well for a day . So sprint, please do the right thing and solve this for us because it's the right thing to do. People are suffering and your profits are /were up now people are suffering directly because of some arbitrary fluctuating policy that serves nobody or the greater good. So please fix it or I will walk away from Sprint /T-Mobile and go to Verizon . As it stands I'll not pay you another dime until this is fixed.

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I'd like to review the coverage in your area, what's your nearest cross street and ZIP code? 

Nearest cross street is 23rd St zip code is 94107

Let me look into this for you. 

It's possible that you're within an area with fair voice coverage which may be the reason for the dropped/blocked calls. Just to confirm are the devices software up to date? Also, is VoLTE enabled on the devices? 


How is no service fair? It's zero. The trouble I think is in that Sprint thinks that "Oh well, they have 1x or 3g" Sure that would be great if it were consistent but its nowhere near that. Sprint might consider a 5 minute call that has 3 minutes of of dead silence and with the 2 minutes of talk time a success particularly if no one was hit by a car in the street where the phones actually work, but your customers do not. Particularly when that 2 minutes talking was used to apologize on your behalf because the service is terrible rather than what was intended to be discussed. This all makes calls take more time to execute than it normally would, making MY business less efficient and therefore I make less money. In my wife's case it's simply a disaster taking sometimes weeks of work earning the trust of her patients and dashing it because she appears irresponsible and unable to communicate effectively. Her clients are often on the edge of the abyss and for sprint to go back on their word to us is just despicable.  So please, don't minimize the situation by telling me:



"It's possible that you're within an area with fair voice coverage which may be the reason for the dropped/blocked calls" 


That statement is not true and minimizes your responsibility to provide a means to connect to the network that we pay for. what it should read is: "We apologize that's get this pebble or black box to you asap because it's the right thing to do and we said we would do so TWICE!"  This is how the real world works when a company blows it like Sprint has in this case. Remember this is in the middle of San Francisco, I'm not 60 miles from the nearest cell tower.  Oh, yes the phones are up to date

If your location isn't available for a pebble device then it really won't make a difference. I'm going to send you a private message.


Sprint didn't see fit to explain WHY I didn't "qualify" for this Pebble thing, I don't even know what the silly thing does! Sprint suggested it tom me I wasn't fishing. It was offered to me after a lengthy conversation and then not sent. I had to call after 10 days to be told I'd have it within 3 days. Then day three rolls around and I get a call saying no, that's it "your account does not qualify" .  Who does something like that? at the very minimum it's incredibly rude and if this were my business the persons involved in this would not be employed by me and I would be doing a bunch of stuff for the customer free of charge because that's howe you make people happy. People that are paying me deserve the best I can offer, period. Sprint? Never.


If it isn't available for my area?  What does that even mean? do you mean to say that there are regions of this country that Sprint redlines off these things? DO you offer it to South Dakota and Rhode Island but not California?  Would it simply not work here?  Imagine for a second if Ford or Toyota said something as preposterous, people would think they're crazy!  Is sprint making too much money to help customers in California? Are we expendable to Sprint?  Does Verizon feel the same way?


Take a moment and put yourself in my shoes and give me the information that will either solve my problem or make me say "Huh, I can understand that" rather than "If then then that, maybe" nonsense that tells me nothing, give me the facts.




For anyone following along: the private messege asked for my name and number so that there can be a manual refresh of the network from their end. This was done two weeks ago and did nothing to improve the situation . I gave them the info, again. well see


last night they asked for my name and phone number which I gave to them via private message and this morning they asked for my pin. Why not ask for this all at one time, maybe speed the process up just a bit?

let's wait and see


Ive been doing some reading on Reddit and it appears that at one time in the not so distant past Sprint sent out these things to almost anyone who asked for one, didn't matter if it was needed or not. Many were told even that they did not qualify and there wasn't the required spectrum, whatever that is, but received it  anyway.


Also did the Magic Box address checker and it shows that my address is eligible, yet nothing from Sprint suggesting such .  Maybe today?


To be honest, given Sprint's history, I wouldn't wait for them to fix the service if you could leave the company. It's been like this for years, T Mobile just made it worse but it has been like this for over a decade. The service isn't going to change any time soon. If you're going to wait and see or even if you leave the company, I would delete my credit card on file, cancel it and get a new card because Sprint also has a history of them using the credit card on file to pay fees/cancelation and even billing you for things after you left, even if you paid off the amount, and using the card on file regardless if you deleted it from the account. Also you could be sent to collections, even if you did pay everything off. I'm not saying this would happen but it has happened to a lot of customers before so it's just something to be aware of. 

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