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Network/data/connection problems


Network/data/connection problems

THE issue: 
WHEN connected to PCI 372 (##33284# -> LTE Engineering) my phone will show LTE / VOLTE and full signal strength. Very frequently (numerous times an hour) my phone will not be able to receive any phone calls, my phone will not receive text messages, and I will not have any data/internet capabilities on my phone. I have to go restart my device to temporarily resolve this issue.
Per my recent conversation with your team, you have determined this to be an issue with Samsung devices.
I do not agree to this diagnosis due to the following reasons:  
1. The stated issue ONLY happens when connected to PCI 372 (this happened to be the closest tower to my home location)
2. I work in a local office occasionally. This office is 3 blocks away from my home. I do not have ANY ISSUE when at my office. At my office I see in the debug menu that I am not connected to PCI 372.
3. I do not see the stated issue ANYWHERE outside a 2 block radius of my house.
4. The stated issue has only been a problem in the past 4 months.
5. Until 10/13/2020, I would experience the stated issue, a few times a day.
6. On 10/15/2020 I was told Sprint technicians replaced some hardware at the tower (due to seen alarms). Since 10/15/2020 9am CST I now see the stated issue numerous times an hour!
7. The stated issue is seen on Samsung, Motorola, GooglePixel and IPhones in my home that are also on the sprint network.
Furthermore, I DO NOT accept SPRINT's suggested workaround to go into airplane mode and out to resolve this issue (until Samsung fixes the issue!). Since my device shows LTE / VOLTE and full signal strength I have no way of knowing my phone has no connectivity. I would have to put my phone in and out of airplane mode multiple times an hour! Today, in 1 hour I had to put my phone in and out of airplane mode 6 (SIX) times. If I am expected to put my phone in and out of airplane mode at least 6 times an hour.. that is at least 48 times in an 8 hour business day where I am completely reliant on my phone. I find it extremely difficult to believe SPRINT and SAMSUNG believe this to be acceptable for over 4 months now!
As a result of the stated issue, I miss numerous phone calls every hour in my home office. This is having a direct impact on my work and my losing tremendous business! When my phone has the stated issue, I don't even know who has called me since I don't get any missed calls! 
I am a very frustrated sprint customer and will be looking to change carriers unless this issue is resolved soon. 
Additional points: 
Sprint provided me a magic box for my home. This works great when my phone connects to it. If I go outside of the range magic box (to my garage), my phone connects to PCI 372, but when returning to the room where the magic box is, my phone will NOT automatically connect back to my magic box. I was told by SPRINT that this is because PCI 372 has excellent signal strength, and since the phone will pick the best signal, my phone will not always connect back to the Magic box. 
Sprint Social Care

Hi there, I'm here to help. I'll need some more information to further look into this so I'll send you a PM. 

Sprint Social Care

Thanks & upon review of the area I've noticed that the tower you usually connects to had an outage but that's resolved now. In addition to that there's still an outage 1.2 miles away which could be affecting you also. 


As i mentioned in my original post, my issue is only when connected to pci 372. I can go 3 blocks away and have no issue 

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