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New Galaxy S20 Ultra, very slow mobile speeds


New Galaxy S20 Ultra, very slow mobile speeds

I got an opened box Galaxy S20 a few weeks ago and noticed that it had very slow mobile speeds.  My old Note 8 and my wifes current I phone get much faster speeds.


This happens on 4G and 5G both, though usually I'm on 4G in this area,  I chatted with someone who had me reset some settings and eventually I just sent the phone back assuming it was the phone.


I got a new one in today which has the same issue.  I've seen where other users had had similar issues, what would fix this?


I live in London, KY.  My wife gets between 5-7mbps, I get between .5 to 2 mbps on the new phone.

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Hey, i'm here to help! Are you experiencing this issue in multiple locations?


Yes, at least around the city, I'm not sure about other cities.  


I did get it working better by turning off lte roaming, which removes 5g.  Why would I need to do that?


because you are connecting to TMO 5G towers at that point.

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So the solution is to just leave it turned off until the t-mobile towers work better in the area?


@fireguy_6364 is correct.  All 5G devices coming out now, yours including, is steered to T-Mobile 5G.  Essentially, the phone is forced to roam on T-Mo.  That's why you see such a discrepancy between your device and your wife's device.  You too are operating on totally different networks.


However, you don't care about that.  You want it to work.  Not much we can do now other to create a ticket to see if the TMo side will give us an idea if the area will be improved or not.

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