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No LTE After Latest Update


No LTE After Latest Update

I downloaded the latest update for my Samsung Galaxy S8 last Friday and I've had absolutely no LTE ever since. My phone only picks up either 3G, just bars, or absolutely nothing. I live in Las Vegas, NV and I've had LTE virtually everywhere beforehand for years. This isn't some tower issue either - in addition to traveling all over the city with this problem present, I'm currently in Anaheim, CA and I'm still stuck with spotty 3G coverage. I've done ##SCRTN#, ##UPDATE#, and ##26327#, as well as manually updating profiles and PRL. Some of these solutions have had the LTE pop up, but it's with the exclamation mark indicating no data is being transferred, and it goes back to no signal a few seconds later. As I'm currently not in my own state, I'm concerned about having an issue here and not being able to contact someone at home because of poor service. Any help is appreciated. 


Re: No LTE After Latest Update

I can understand why you're concerned. Let's see what we can do. Have you tried to update the data profile?


  1. Tap OK if error displays.
  2. Once at Home screen
  3. Press the Home screen, drag from bottom to top to open up apps.  Tap Settings.
  4. Tap System Updates > Update Profile.
  5. Customer sees Update Profile - The network is preparing your services. Please wait.
    • Do not interrupt this process
    • If screen goes into sleep mode, customer may tap screen to wake up phone.
  6. Do not press Cancel or hold down End key as it will interrupt process.
  7. Once complete, phone displays: The Profile has been updated. Press OK to continue.
  8. Press the Home key

Also I see the current version of the software is G950USQU4CRH1. Is that what you have?



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Re: No LTE After Latest Update

is the problem affecting data only or both voice and data?

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Re: No LTE After Latest Update

Has this been resolved? I am having the same issue in Texas. Phone worked just fine before the last update.
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