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No Service

I went on vacation, and drove to my destination. I would say 95% of the time while driving I had no service. I drove on highway 93 in Nevada and interstate 84, across Idaho & Orgeon and interstate 82 in WA, most of the time I had no sevice on my Note 9. I checked the coverage map and it shows that I should've had coverage most all the way. I am really fed up with sprints network coverage... even here in Las Vegas when I go into buildings my phone gets no service... and my girlfriend has AT&T and she had service on her phone most all the way... really thinking about dropping sprint as the network sprint has sucks.....

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Re: No Service

Couple things could have happened, and this happened to me when traveling as well. I have a Note 9 as well. Sometimes when traveling long distances, and to newer places with towers our phones haven't connected to before can cause interruption. 


Performing a network reset during traveling can help the phone remember it needs to connect to the new towers. Especially if a network reset hasn't been done on the device for awhile. 


Vegas is a pretty large city, and it is a tourist spot. With that our towers can become very congested, and going inside those large buildings can cause lost signal. 


I understand it is frustrating, but some routine maintenance on the device can help improve services usually. 

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