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No service in Fishers, IN 46037


No service in Fishers, IN 46037

Haven't been getting any service even in my home where I have used it before very reliably, this is a new problem and I'm wondering why it's happening, coverage has been great in the past but now I can't even search things on google or open up the home page on YouTube. **bleep**. It's as if someone just pulled the plug on my service, seriously even with 5 bars on LTE I can't do anything, it tells me I'm not even connected to the internet. I hanged nothing, sprint just thought it would be a good idea to pack up and leave town I guess. 

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Re: No service in Fishers, IN 46037

With this being a new problem, I'll assume there is an issue with the tower and the phone's connection to it. I recommend resetting the network settings. I can also review the tower performance. What is your zip code?





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Re: No service in Fishers, IN 46037

My zip code is 46037 


Re: No service in Fishers, IN 46037

the closest cross streets to you so they can narrow down which tower is actually covering you?

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Re: No service in Fishers, IN 46037

Yes, we will need the cross streets near the area you are in. That way we can pinpoint the tower that you're connected to.

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