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No service no data no help ?


No service no data no help ?

Been talking with Sprint for two months my data is only getting worse I have had no help they seem to only want to apply credits to my account and not fix the issue I am way far past being helped from Sprint I may be just switching to Verizon


Yes I can, DM us again. 


I DM'd Felicias.

Should I DM someone else?



I don't know if it is only 5G phones or S20's or how far this issue goes, but since they started adding T-Mobile Network Access to my phones my data speeds have dropped to max 1.5MPS.  When I (and if you) convince them to take T-Mobile Network Access OFF of my account, my data speeds are immediately fixed.  I've done it several times and it is guaranteed the culprit because as soon as it is removed my speeds shoot up to as 50 Mps or higher.  I also have two LG G3's in the house and they at all times are working fine, most likely they are never given the T-Mobile Network Access.


99% of the Sprint people will not listen to you and just try to run the 24/7 script on you.  Try to get someone to actually check if they have added T-Mobile Network Access to your account.  If they have, that is your culprit.  I've been blasting #SprintCare #Sprint and #T-Mobile about this and it's really just like a joke to them.  Four Galaxy S20's at $1500 a piece and 7 year customer.  You'd think they give the tiniest bit of a **bleep**.

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