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Out of coverage policy- never again with Sprint


Out of coverage policy- never again with Sprint

I will never recommend sprint to friends of family. Almost 3 years ago I had sprint and moved to an area out of coverage according to their coverage map. They said all I needed to do was provide proof of my address and return the device, too good to be true!! 6 months later I receive a call from a collection company about me early termination. Lucky for me I still had all of my email correspondence with sprint. Sent it to them...never heard from them again. Three months later I receive another call from a different collection company about this bill from sprint. I call sprint and they tell me to ‘drop’ off my emails to the local sprint store (not forward or fax but literally bring into the store) which I go ahead and do. Never heard anything. Collection company calls again...I forward them all of the same emails, account closed in March of 2017. Almost two years later this amount shows up on my credit report. I dispute it and get a letter it has been removed....week later I get a letter so it is not removed. Tried calling sprint and they keep sending me in circles back to the collection. Sprint is absolutely ridiculous and I will not recommend them to my worst enemy. 

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