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Poor Sprint network connectivity over the last week


Poor Sprint network connectivity over the last week

Hello all,


Since last Wednesday, my phone has had poor reception in Tampa, FL, 33619.  These are some of the symptoms that I experienced:

-Some of my text messages did not send

-Could not access the internet through the browser

-Could not utilize certain apps that require network connectivity


I performed the following troubleshooting steps:

-Rebooted the phone

-Re-seated the Sim card

-Changed the Network Mode to CDMA (which allowed the phone to send messages but put me on 3G)

-Reset Network settings


I contacted Samsung support and they stated that the problem was with the network.


I went to the Sprint store and they stated that there was an antenna being upgraded not far from me, but they also stated maintenance was completed the same day.  This was Wednesday, July 25.  I've used my phone's data network in this region since 2015 and there have been no changes in my environment.  From November 2015 to about December 2018, I had a Note 5 and have since upgraded to a Note 8 long before this problem began.


Is there something wrong with the antenna in the region?

The closest intersection to my affected region is MLK Blvd & I-4



Re: Poor Sprint network connectivity over the last week

Hi there. So I've checked the coverage in the area and it's excellent. I would like to get some more info, so I'm going to send you a private message.



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