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Poor signal past couple weeks. Dropped calls etc.


Poor signal past couple weeks. Dropped calls etc.

I have already tried the ##7xxxx# things from support chat.  Re insert sim. 

It worked when I tested it but it was pure luck I assume. So I told the chat person thanks . 


Moments later someone calls me a couple times and.i can't hear them until I answerr or call the person, outside my house. 

 Constant 3 to 2 bars Inside my House. We didn't install anything recently.. No weird metal or radioactive things it makes no sense.. 

I don't want to have to keep walking outside my door or back yard... 


I just upgraded my phone two days ago also. New sim... So it isn't my phone..


My zip code for my line is 77082

Houston TX


They told me in chat there is no tower issue... So can you guys find out what it it is? Signal Was flawless for years.. 


Re: Poor signal past couple weeks. Dropped calls etc.

Having issues with signal can be very annoying, but let me take a look to see what we can do. I'm going to private message you to get some additional info.

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