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Prepaid coverage is not as good as Contract coverage


Prepaid coverage is not as good as Contract coverage

In my experience my prepaid coverage has not been in same as those with contract coverage. 

A few years ago I was using T-mobile because my data connection was always slow or non-existent.  I never felt like I was getting consistent 4G service and speed with my T-mobile prepaid service.


Around 2014 I switched to sprint prepaid, and bought a new phone that was specifically for the Sprint prepaid network.  While using WiFi my phone always has an excellent internet connection. 


Recently I took a trip to the beach and my data signal dropped completely.  I could not receive any data and my phone was displaying messages about not having coverage.  However, my sister-in-law could.  She was streaming Pandora through bluetooth speakers while on the beach.  She has a Sprint contract family plan.  This has happened to me many times before, where I cannot receive data while other sprint customers can.  It appears to me that Sprint gives priority to certain plans.  I was wondering if this is normal or are certain Sprint plans / customers treated differently. 

Thanks, Richard 

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Re: Prepaid coverage is not as good as Contract coverage

That's a great question. If you are experiencing connectivity issues, I recommend reaching out to your carrier for troubleshooting. Now to answer your question, there are a lot of stipulations that go into determining why and when a customer can access the tower. These include the number of people on the tower, what they are doing, and availability to the tower in the area you were at for vacation. On a postpaid plan, the type of plan doesn't determine priority. However, the plan does determine how much data a person can use in a bill cycle before deprioritization.





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Re: Prepaid coverage is not as good as Contract coverage

It happened again on another trip. My SIL could get a signal with her post paid phone while I could not get a signal at all with my pre paid.
I had plenty of data left on my plan so the amount of data should not have been a factor. It was frustrating because we were trying to communicate but I could not get data to simply send a group text! I also could not get map data to find a gas station.
I am very unimpressed with Sprint at this point. Whenever people ask I recommend other carriers besides Sprint. Also, the last couple days I have had unreliable service, which in my opinion should not be an issue since I live near a major American city.

Re: Prepaid coverage is not as good as Contract coverage

Just checked my coverage area. I am in between the 4G LTE excellent and 4G LTE fair coverage, but my phone is constantly dropping to 3G. Also, just checked my previous post and it took about 10 minutes to simply check the coverage map.

Re: Prepaid coverage is not as good as Contract coverage

At this point I am fairly committed to switch to Verizon sometime in the future. If Sprint is not going to give my prepaid phone reasonable access to their 4G network then there is really no point in keeping them. It's not very cost efficient for me to pay Sprint for second tier treatment. BTW the whole time I typed this post I was only getting 3G data or less. No thanks Sprint.
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