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Remove T-Mobile Network Access from my Account


Remove T-Mobile Network Access from my Account

I've been at this for months.  I need this removed from my account.  It ruins my data speed.  I have Galaxy S20 Ultra's.  I've had it removed already and it solved my problem so I know for a FACT this is the issue.  Why is it so hard to remove something that is breaking my service?


I'm on a 100Gig Hotspot plan so that I can watch movies.  I get streams from .2 Mps up to 1.5.  That does NOT work.  Removing "TNA" brings my data speeds back up.


By the way, I had taken screenshots from your website which stated with the 100Gig data plan you get high speed data up to 100 Gig then it might be slowed down.  Support insists it is throttled at 50 Gig.  Support also insists Sprint does not throttle (BS).  And now, mysteriously, I no longer see it stated on your website that you get high speeds up to 100 Gig.


Wayback Machine - Internet Archive


The evidence still lives.



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