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Seems like I'm being deprioritized


Seems like I'm being deprioritized

Legacy SERO 500 subscriber here and it's really starting to feel like I'm being deprioritized somewhere around 5-6GB. There have been about 2 or 3 recent months where I'll randomly start getting no LTE service at all at my office, which is normally fine. When this happens I can switch to 3G and get 3G service just fine. The curious part is that every time this happens it turns out that I'm over 5 GB of data for the billing month (which is really nothing). When I look back through smooth service months, they're all less than 5 or 6 GB. Without fail, the problems mysteriously resolve themselves on the first day of my next billing cycle. A few questions - 1) I thought original SERO plans were not subject to data prioritization. Can anyone confirm? 2) Regardless, I thought that deprioritization didn't start until 22 GB... can anyone confirm? 3) Is there anything I can do to check if I'm being deprioritized? I've done all of the self help steps and they resolve the problems for 30 minutes at best. The only thing that fully and consistently resolves it is the start of a new billing cycle.


This is kind of a big deal for me because this phone is my main means of communication (with folks like my child's day care) and I literally do not receive calls when this is going on. I can pick up an office phone and dial my number and nothing. I do not even receive a missed call notice on my cell phone. 

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Re: Seems like I'm being deprioritized

Here on Community we don't have access to employee accounts. You would need to contact employee care by dialing *2 on your phone. 


It doesn't sound like your data is being throttled. We throttle around 50g. Sounds like something is wrong. I can look into your location, but I can't look into the account. 


You can provide the zip and nearest cross streets. I will go ahead and check the location to see about towers. 


Re: Seems like I'm being deprioritized

also if they are going to de prioritize anything it would be the data side only...not your call side.

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