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Since the merge with TMobile


Since the merge with TMobile

I'm going to start by saying, I can always tell when an update is coming because my phone starts being unresponsive.

Since I got the 1st email about the merge, my phone is beyond slow. It won't load emails or open apps. I've never had texting issues until now. Multiple times a day I will have to resend texts because they failed. Downloading is a joke & my phone has updated 3 times in the last 2 weeks.

I have a Galaxy s10+ thats a year old. It should not be this ineffective & all since the merger. 

I even recieved a text from them today informing me of my expanding coverage now that they've merged. Its complete crap. If something doesn't change my 14 year customer status is going to be gone.

Sprint Social Care

Hey, I'm here to help! Is anyone else in your home or surrounding experiencing this issue? 


No but they all have iPhone. I'm the only android user & also the only one with issues, ever.


Seems like something I need to look into. Can you send me a private message providing me with your nearest cross streets and ZIP code?


So, whats the plan going forward with my issues?


The most likely problem is they have added T-Mobile Network Access to your account.  Since they started adding it to my account my S20's lose data speed.  I finally get them to take it off and it fixes the problem, but two or three days later they put it back on and the circle begins.


To elaborate so you know it's the same issue I have six phones in my  house.  The two LG G3's work just fine with high data speeds.  My four S20's, when they add T-Mobile Network Access drop to about 1.5 Mps max (  When I finally convince them to take it off I shoot up anywhere from 20 MPS to 100 MPS.  The irony?  They put people on T-Mobile Network Access who they deem are having network issues.... which I never was until they did. 


I've been fighting this for months since I have about six thousand dollars worth of their phones which work like crap now and am only able to get momentary fixes and that only from time to time.


So, I'm pretty confidant that is the issue you are experiencing.  Make some noise, maybe someone will listen.  Though with Sprint Customer Service, not a very good chance.


Good Luck


Thank you for taking the time to help. Any information is useful & I will be calling.

How did you find out about adding the TMobile to your phone & how do i find out if its on mine ?


During one of my many tech contacts one guy finally gave me the break down of what happened.  It lined up right to the dates it started and as I said when he took it off the problem on all four phones was instantly fixed.  However as he warned there is some kind of script that runs that put it back on.   It is specifically called "T-Mobile Network Access".  So you have to get someone who is willing to actually listen and look at your account to see if it has been added, then you have to convince them to take it off.  No easy task.


I have not been able to permanently remove it from my account so I can't give you a sure fire way to do it, but at least you can find out if you have T-Mobile Network Access and then you will know what the problem is.


I'm sorry I can't help more.  I've never known any company who's customer service is so bad.  Honestly, think about your worst experiences and compare.  This is by far the WORST customer service I have EVER experienced.  Most of the people you talk to simply give you the script.  Give me your cross street.  What is your address.  Let's re-acquire the network.  Even when you tell them EXACTLY what the problem (and solution) are.  It is unbelievable.


Best of luck to you


yes,  my service has started lagging since tmobile merge. and today, i went from having great service in my house and neighborhood, to no service.   i had to drive 30 minutes away just to make a phone call.  


That's ridiculous.  

I've only ever had Sprint as my mobile carrier. Its been 14 years. I never thought I was going to leave, mostly because our plan is grandfathered in. This merge has me seriously considering leaving. I have 5 phones on my family plan & some other carrier is going to make a killing if I leave but I'm not staying if this is how my "service" from them is going to be.


I assure you that we do value the 14 years of your loyalty to us. I know that you're encountering service issues, however, this is mainly caused due to the outage in your location. Our network technicians are doing everything they can to get this matter rectified. Can you send me a Private message? 


I could but I have been there & done that. Last week. I was told the same thing about outages but they were supposedly fixed on the 1st. 

I also didn't appreciate that 3 different people responded over the course of the 3 day conversation. I'm sorry, but I don't see how this is going to go differently when you're giving me the same excuse.

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