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Sprint is a Ripper don't sign up with them


Sprint is a Ripper don't sign up with them

I am sprint customer for over 7 Months and past six month I am facing extremely poor network problem with sprint so I have decided to switch it to the at&t because their network is pretty good so to startup the process I call sprint customer service they use all their marketing rebuttals and while doing that they experienced the same no voice option and representative I am talking to her name was Melissa and she kept me on hold for 5 times and finally she came up with the solution and said like we extremely sorry I just spoke with my supervisor about your concern we gonna walk you out with no lease break fees and device fees since you are experiencing this problem for over six months the only thing you have to pay is your usage bill that's I agreed to pay the usage bill and after explaining this for a minute she put me on hold again and after putting me on hold for 5 minutes she flipped and she said you have to pay all and I have asked is this my  punishment to talk to you nicely she was so shameful and was not able to utter a word and said is there anything else I can help you with I was like these people are running scam first providing poor service and on top of it force you to pay for poor service then I asked her to transfer my call to  her supervisor that Lady was so rood completely unprofessional kept repeating about 18 months lease break thing did not able to provide me solution and also hung up on me . I am help less and stuck in the trap that how they deal with customers first put you lease and then give you world class poor network and if you call them force you to be on lease  so be aware their malicious practices I am in a trap now and help less with no hope. 

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