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Terrible Connection


Terrible Connection

For the past few weeks, my cell service has been absolutely terrible. Whether I am at home on wifi or 30 miles away from home, the connection is still terrible. Everything takes forever to load or won’t load at all, text messages will fail multiple times before finally sending, and then today I noticed in the corner of my phone screen it says extended network. Why is my service so bad? Why do the amount of “bars” I have constantly fluctuate even when i’m sitting at home on wifi? Please help!


Re: Terrible Connection

There are a few things we can do to troubleshoot. The first thing I would ask is if you have done a PRL/profile reset on your device yet. If you haven't done this and need to know how, I just need to know what model of phone you are using. 


After that, we would want to take a look at the towers in your area and check out our coverage map here. I'd need your zip code and cross streets. If you aren't comfortable dropping that in a public space, shoot me a PM and we can review further for you!


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