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What is the deal in Houston?


What is the deal in Houston?

Good afternoon,


I've been tweeting with a few service members from @SprintCare.  Apparently there has been some bad juju with the data service in ALL of Houston.  We're talking from N to S, E to W.  If you're not familiar with Houston, know it is enormous.  Let's say I were to drive from the northside to the southside, without traffic, it would take me a whopping 60+ minutes!  So now that we have a small visual in mind, let's view at what we're running into:


So this past week, my service has been going haywire.  We're talking from 4 bars to 1 bar, 1 to 4, 3 to 1, back and forth, back and forth, rapidly.  LTE drops off.  Drops to 3G back to LTE, etc, etc.   I'll be browsing and all of sudden, nothing happens.  I can't open a webpage and the wheel is turning like I'm out on the country road running from the police.  Just going and going.  Now, you image, I'm getting a little frustrated.  I want to read work emails.  I deal a lot with crimes and sometimes I 'need to respond fast' to situations.  No-go this past week. 


Remember Ol' Has running from the police?  Yeah, still going. 


I think to myself, "Self, maybe the phone just needs a reset." 

"Good idea, self." 


Ok good to g........signal dies again. 


I'm getting a little agitated now.  Let's tweet to sprintcare.  - Now I get it, don't get me wrong, these fellas are probably on the other side of the planet, or even in some remote small black ops station in Nowheresland, so they don't really get what's going on.  I mean, how can they?  They're not here to see it themselves.  But I figure they go some high tech computer telling them details of the network.  So now what?


There's maintenance on a tower.  Ok, great!  That's actually helpful to know.  But....wait, this was only noticed because multiple people are tweeting about it.  You're telling me with all those high tech gadgets and gizmos that you all can't see this?  Huh.  How about that? 


Well, apparently this tower has been fixed, but yet, my service is still going haywire.  Bouncing around like hyperactive child off a sugar-induced birthday cake mixed with candy.  It just won't sit still.  So I tweet again, after resetting my phone again, mind you.  I'm surprised I get a response within 10 minutes.  That's some good CS right there, I admit. 


They gave me some nifty instructions to maybe update to the towers. Hmm, ok, let's try it.  Hey!......crud, really?  No-go.  Cut out again.


From sprintcare: "Ok, I did look at a couple of other towers, there is a tower with 2 service alert tickets and one of them was closed on the 20th.  The other ticket is still opened.  I know how frustrating this is."  - Not to sound mean here, but I hope you do.  "When towers have to be repaired, looked at, or updated, we usually don't have a[n] estimated time of completion unless the technicians provide the information in their notes.  Let me know if the updates help.  If they don't feel free to reach out to us on the Sprint Community." yadda yadda yadda. 


So this person gets it.  We need answers.  Don't be like the government and tell us nothing.  Give me information, estimations of completion, updates, etc.  Don't leave me hanging.  I've been with you guys for 15 years, I'm not interested in leaving, but since I do emergency responses, I need results. 


Well.  Maybe it's the "hotter than the blazing fires of hell itself" here in Houston.  It really is hot.  Like, oh my gosh, this is-let's make some cookies in the car-hot.  I thought that could be an issue.  You know, heat, dust, garbage in the air.  That can't be the only reason though.  It didn't do this last year.


I need something here, please.  I've really been with you guys a long time, I'd hate to step away just because someone can't step up the plate and do their job. 


What's the situation?  What will it take to get my service back to where it was 2 weeks ago?


Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: What is the deal in Houston?

I hear you. I do live in the sticks and struggling to get service is very frustrating. I know you're in a very large city, I've got family down your way and have spent many a summer there. The buildings could be blocking the signal. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, because there are several towers in this area. When a tower starts to have trouble, customers, like yourself, are the first to notice it. The towers are monitored, but an issue won't be noticed in till the tower malfunctions. Meaning that in till the tower starts dropping calls, the system won't register a problem. By this time our customers are already contacting us. Kind of like a smoke detector in your home. For example when I'm cooking my husband will see the smoke long before the smoke detector goes off. When our tower team starts working on an issue, they don't normally give us a time line, and trust me, I would love to have one. Most of the time issues are repaired within 24-72 hours. With that being said, when a tower is being worked on the other towers have to pick up the load the sick tower can't hold any more. Cell towers are a lot like elevators, there is a load limit. Once a tower hits its load limit then it starts to act up. At this point we have a domino effect. As you can see, that high rise that was never a problem before is now feeling more like a mountain, then a pebble.


I'll be more than happy to look into the tower you use most often, this way I can narrow the search. As you stated Houston is huge, and a tower malfunction in the South won't typically affect the service up North. I sent you a  PM for the info I'll need.


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Re: What is the deal in Houston?

some of it could also be due to this.

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