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Worst Customer Service Ever!


Worst Customer Service Ever!

I'm so over this. Ive been told I am not allowed an upgrade I was promised. As a result of spending hours on the phone with sprints incompetent staff I was still in the same situation as before... now this was a week ago. I paid this phone off because I was done with them. I still had it on there network until I could find the perfect plan. 


Unfortunately yesterday I went through hell and back. I ordered a phone from att and it was not what I asked for. Had problems with them. On top they ported my phone number. Then sprint would not port it back. I spent almost 3 hours on the fun pretty much making myself look like a fool in front of ppl at att because of all the crap that sprint was saying that wasn't even true. At one point they said my services with them had been deactivated since April. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. I started to cry. It was like everything I wanted to do to get away from this company they tried every single way to keep locked in there waste of a time plans and **bleep**ty phone service. 

Once I finally had my phone number ported back, they had to call att and have them help, I went straight to Verizon. I got the phone I want and everything with them went smoothly. Now the messed up part, which I didn't realize till I got home, is that this horrible excuse of a company is telling verizon that my phone number is no longer with them and I have to reactivate it with sprint. **bleep**? You guys are a peice of work. Honestly. No wonder t-mobile decided to merge with your **bleep** company. Theyre taking over your failures. Anyways. I need my phone number for my job and you guys still have it because I am able to log on my sprint account from my phone. It says my phone number is still active. Give me my phone number back you horrible disgrace of a mobile company. Ive had superior service from MetroPCS compared to you guys. Truly this company is the trash of mobile services. Please close down soon. For the sake of all the ppl your screwing over! 




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