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curious network/coverage question for ya :).


curious network/coverage question for ya :).

Hey there, i`ve been wondering about this for a long while, explanation, a ways back i had the chance to run some experiments on my phone (at that time i still had my Kyocera Duraforce pro, i want to re-run the experiments on my Samsung Galaxy S10 too).  What i`m kinda curious about is this, at the time i did the first test using Signalcheck pro i found out that while i was seeing roamming service via the Verizon network for voice calling i was getting my data from (according to signalcheck pro) T-mobile.  Is this possible to actually be getting voice service on one network & data from another at the same time (not using both at the same time i.e. calling while surfing the `net, but being connected to two different networks with the phone just "idling" waiting to get/make a call or surf the web)?  When i saw this happen i was like "Woah, this is definitely new, haven`t seen this before."  after that happened i started thinking about it and got to wondering.  I know that in theory this is possible, kinda like with my dualband radio, i can listen to one channel while chatting on another.  I found it rather intresting to see this, wishing i wouldda had more time to play with it a tad more but we were pressed for time and we were there to deal with "the final set" for my mom & dad.  Thanx!  TK241.


Actually that does help, it explains why i might have been seeing what i did, as to what unit i ran it on, that was back when i still had my Kyocera Duraforce pro (nice unit, but the OS was starting to break down & i needed to upgrade to something nicer, hence the Galaxy S10, which i like).  Sounds like from what i`ve been reading (and thanx guys for the help :)) our phones still use what i know from my radio/scanning hobby as a "control channel" where the handset waits for a page to get a text/call.  Back in the good ol` days you had only analog voice, if your nasty big bagphone couldn`t see a "c-chanel" on any site (ether home or roamming) it would give ya the dreaded "NO SERVICE" message, or it might keep scanning ad nauseum till it beeped & went into that "NO SERVICE" thingy.  I think even the units we have now will still do that, although they`ll fight to hold that tower (i know my S10 will anyway) before going into no service land.  Honestly this all has been great fun, i`m still learning today even though i`ve had a cellphone for years (still remember my first one, an analog handheld unit, a Uniden one, nice phone, but very basic, but it did one thing well, getting & making calls).  I`m still amazed at what`s happened in the comms world in cellullar & the two-way radio world, i cannot wait to see what crops up when Sprint & T-MOBILE decide to dance together hehe, this should be a blast :).  TK241.

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