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32GB Won't Activate, Now What?


Re: 32GB Won't Activate, Now What?


It is a lack of communication at the store level.  They believe that it requires some special SIM, and their reasoning behind not having it is "Sprint doesn't officially support the device until Friday."

Oh wellllll


Re: 32GB Won't Activate, Now What?


Thanks for the post. here are some tips on this new device.

  • Google is offering the Nexus 5 in Black and White in both 16GB and 32GB version from its Google Play Store.
  • Both the 16GB and 32GB versions come “Unlocked” and are capable of being activated directly onto their Sprint account.
  • Sprint does offer TEP on the 16GB version but not on the 32GB versionThis is because Sprint will not directly sell the 32GB version on 11/8/13.  Sprint will only sell the 16GB version.
    • Customers purchasing either the 16GB or 32GB Nexus 5 handset from the Google Play Store will receive a device that does NOT have a UICC Card.
  • Customers may also switch 4G LTE UICC cards from their old device over to the Nexus 5 if it is compatible and paired up in Ensemble.

      • The following phones also have the same compatible UICC Cards as the Nexus 5.
        • iPad Retina 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB Versions
        • HTC One
        • HTC One Max
        • LG G2
        • Netgear Zing Mobile Hotspot
        • BlackBerry Q10
        • Samsung ATIV S Neo
        • Samsung Galaxy S4, Note III and Mega


Sprint Social Care


Re: 32GB Won't Activate, Now What?


Thanks for all your help with everything, you guys are a huge help with everything.

Its just that the store employees are clueless that the SIMS from the above stated devices work.

They need people like you working there

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