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Can Sprint help my repair difficulties?


Can Sprint help my repair difficulties?

So I sent my Nexus 5 in to LG for repair, but decided not to have it repaired upon seeing the price. That's not my problem, though. When I got it back, I discovered that the phone was running an old build of Android (it calls itself Key Lime Pie) and there wasn't a SIM card returned with this. According to LG, the software downgrade is a normal part of the repair process, and they classify the SIM card as an accessory which was thrown out upon arrival. Personally, I didn't know the device used a SIM card until I got it back, as it didn't come with a tool to remove it. The representative from LG that responded to my email said that you guys can send me a new SIM card, and push the latest software to my device. As for the broken glass, I'll probably just try and repair it myself... I would rather not have a $400 paperweight.


Re: Can Sprint help my repair difficulties?

UnclaimedUsename, I know that this may be troubling. I'd like to help. Please send us a PM about this matter using this link: - Vanessa
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