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How come my Nexus 5 won't make any calls?


How come my Nexus 5 won't make any calls?

Hi, I was wondering why my Nexus 5 won't make calls. I can't call people and I can't receive calls, either. Trust me, I've tried. This happened a few weeks ago. I contacted a local Sprint tech in my area and he said that the towers are down. I waited for a day, they were back up again. Few weeks later, it's happening again! I called again and another Sprint tech (again, in my area), and he said that apparently there are certain phones (my Nexus 5 phones being one of them) that have issues with Sprint. He gave me troubleshooting instructions, it didn't work, so I asked for other help and he said "there's nothing he can do about it." Is that so? Really? It's been a day and the issues are still not resolved. When will this issue be resolved?I need to use my phone. I need to be able to make a call! Oh, and if it matters, I live in the Southwest Washington area (I can't really disclose my location because I don't like to do that on the internet). Is this an issue with Nexus 5/Sprint users all over the country? Or is it just in my area? If so, when will you get this fixed?!


Re: How come my Nexus 5 won't make any calls?

TeresaH123 - Thank you for posting. I can definitely understand your concern in regards to this matter. I would like to take a closer look into this issue. I understand that you don't want to disclose the location. Southwest Washington is a large area. If you could please provide the city or zip code it would truly help in locating any possible issue. - Kareem
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