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New line on EPRP with Nexus 5 32GB


New line on EPRP with Nexus 5 32GB

I posted this a couple of days ago in the plans section but no response. Sorry for double post

This is a question for the moderators. Please research this well before posting your findings

I have an EPRP family plan with 4 lines.

I want to add a new line with Nexus 5 32GB. Since Sprint does not sell the 32 GB version, I am planning to buy it straight from Google.

Can the the be activated on the new line?

Will this be another 2 year contract? (I am buying the phone no subsidy)

I am asking the question because Sprint does not allow 3rd party phone on this plan.

I don't want to buy the phone and not be able to add the line

Thank you


Re: New line on EPRP with Nexus 5 32GB

I have a 32 GB nexus 5, bought directly from the Google play store and its been activated on sprint for 2 months now, all you need to do is get a Sim card from sprint, its free, I have no problems connecting to LTE, I'm just waiting for the spark update to come, otherwise no problems at all


Re: New line on EPRP with Nexus 5 32GB

I went ahead and bought the Nexus 5 32GB

Sprint still wants me to sign a 2-year contract, so I got the LG G2 for free with the contract

Once the LG is activated and the transfer from T-Mobile completed, I was able to go online and swap the G2 for Nexus 5.

Now looking and both phones and reading more about G2, I think there is a plus using the G2.


Re: New line on EPRP with Nexus 5 32GB


Thanks for reaching out to us and apologies on the delay in our response. With an activation of any line, there would be a 2-year contract associated with it, regardless of the status or purchase point of the device. After the initial 2 years are completed, if a device is purchased at full retail cost with no subsidy, there would be no contract associated with it. Thanks for your patience!


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